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Belly With Skin (±300g) 五花肉
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A famous cut known for its layer of fat and lean meat. 


Cooking Methods:
- Stir Fry

- Deep Fry

- Stew

- Pan Fry

- Minced Meat



How will the pork be packed and how will it be delivered?

Our fresh pork will be in a vacuum packaging to ensure freshness and easy storage when received. You can straight away store your pork in the freezer when you received it. No repacking needed. We make it convenient for you!

All your items will be placed in a free cooler bag for delivery. 



Is your pork fresh?

All our pork are delivered fresh to customers from our farm daily. We have a new batch of fresh pork coming in every day at 8 am from our farm to our portioning house. We will then take the next few hours to prepare all orders. The pork will be blast freezed before delivery to preserve the quality of the pork and minimize bacteria contamination. Hence, the pork will be frozen when you received it. If you want us to skip the blast freezing step, do let us know in the order remarks section. We can deliver the pork in chilled condition for you. 


When will my order be delivered? 

Your order will be delivered to you between 1 and 3 days after the order is placed. After you placed the order, we will contact you to schedule the delivery date. 

All delivery is done between 10am and 3pm. 








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