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About Us


Our History


In the past, majority of the pigs bred in Malaysia were full of harmful chemicals. Pigs were given artificial growth hormones and antibiotics to increase their growth rate. This results in lower breeding time for pigs hence, lower cost for farmers to increase their profit. With all these harmful substances in the pork, people were worried for their children and loved ones. Parents were scared their children's growth would be stunted because of this.



Moreover, many traditional farms do not properly dispose of their agricultural waste resulting in air pollution & soil contamination. Residues generated from these pollutions will then be channeled into a water source thereby polluting the water and harming aquatic animals.



Hence, Berkcious was established in 2015 in Ipoh. Our aim was simple


1) To produce natural & great meat 


2) To never use antibiotics, growth hormones, beta-agonist, or any chemicals on our pigs


3) To use sustainable farming methods to protect the environment




Our Farm


In the past, pigs were generally left roaming around in a haphazard and unregulated environment. As such bacterial contamination, improper feeding, uncontrolled mating & inbreeding often occur. In pursuit to produce safe & healthy premium pork, Berkcious adhere to and follow the strictest farming techniques and practices. We use a stringent modern closed farming system as recommended and outlined by the government. This ensures all operational waste are disposed of safely to provide the safest protection for our staff and livestock. You can be assured that our pigs are raised in a safe, hygienic, and humane manner.





Our Pigs


Our Ipoh farm rears Probiotic White Pork & Free Range Black Pork.


Our Probiotic White Pork is an international breed. It is a three-way cross between Yorkshire, Duroc & Landrace. Unlike traditional Malaysian pig farms which have been breeding the same local pigs for decades, our pigs are bred selectively to maintain consistent quality pork. Local Malaysian pigs do not have a specific lineage breed to them. Their breed lineages are unknown as they have been bred randomly over so many years. Our white pigs are fed with a type of probiotic called Lactobacillus daily to improve their well-being, hence the name Probiotic White Pork.


Our Free Range Black Pork is 100% Pure Berkshire breed and is free-range. Berkshire Pork is also known as Kurobuta in Japan. Unlike white pigs, we raised our black pigs in a large enclosed area where they can run freely. This allows them to grow their muscles better resulting in higher protein content than white pigs. Like our white pigs, our black pigs are also fed with Lactobacillus daily.


In terms of our pigs' daily diet, they are fed with grains, grass, and corn, a 100% plant-based diet. There are no artificial or harmful products added to their feed. 





Our Customers